You are done working for another company and feel your skills in digital marketing enable you to train others in the same field rather than work in a company. So, what do you do?

Well, this is the dilemma faced by many digital marketers, at some point in their career. And from here begins the transition into a freelancer’s role. Getting out of the security of a fixed income job and into a world where your next paycheck is totally dependent on your sales skills is definitely not a joy ride, and probably is not meant for everybody as well. But, if you are willing to put in the hard work required and persevere, then, projects will slowly start coming into your kitty.

What you will read next is a guide to becoming a freelance digital marketer and how you can go about getting freelance digital marketing jobs. These include certain specific, practical, and actionable steps you can take when you make the first move towards building a freelance.

Ways to Start Building Career in Freelance Digital Marketing

Reconnect with old contacts, build new connections

The first and foremost thing you should do once you decide on becoming a freelance digital marketing consultant is to start reconnecting with old contacts, simultaneously building and networking with new people. You should also communicate to them, the purpose behind reconnecting with them or even making new acquaintances. This gives a tremendous boost to your personal brand.

Build your portfolio

Irrespective of which segment of digital marketing you are proficient in and what part of digital marketing you have handled previously, it is important to put together a portfolio of your work. Your portfolio as a digital marketer need not be as fancy looking as a designer’s would, but keep it simple, presentable, and ensure the key points of the work you have done so far are included. In your digital marketing portfolio, you should remember to include any and every notable achievement with respect to the clients you have handled. This gives potential clients an idea of your past work and the results you can drive in terms of various aspects of the client’s business.

Get active on social media

Well, if you’re looking for freelance digital marketing opportunities, it is imperative for you to actively network on social media. Even if you do not belong to the category of social media users who update posts every couple of hours or everyday, it is important for you to be active on various groups across social media platforms. This helps you remain alert with respect to freelance jobs in digital marketing and sub-domains within digital marketing.

Start blogging

The best way to get yourself out there, grab the attention of those businesses who might require assistance with digital marketing, is to dish out content that will pull them toward you. Create content around topics you are already familiar, is currently relevant, and you know will drag your target audience toward your blog. Optimize the post for search engines and use content marketing strategies to promote your content and blog. When you build authority in the digital marketing domain, through the content you produce, people are willing to lend an ear and listen to what you have to say.

Freelancer Digital Marketing Salaries

Well Digital Marketing Freelancer tend to make more money as compared to any other industry freelancer as Digital Marketing is growing at a very fast rate and will be valued around 333.5 billion dollars by the end of 2020.

The average salary of a Freelancer is approximately $46,000 – $107,000. By our math, those two estimates average out to $76,500.